Saturday, 26 January 2013

Things I've learned from exercising #2

Accept where you start.
I think we all have a tendency to dream big but not really see ourselves as part of that dream.  We see ourselves as outsiders looking into something and being separate from it.
I often hear people talking about fitness ideals, whether it be running a marathon or just feeling healthy and active again and then comparing it to their current state.  "Oh, I'd love to run a 5k, but I can barely get off the couch."
Exercising and fitness goal setting has taught me to accept my current state so that I know exactly where I am, what I have to work with, what course of actions to take etc.
Accepting wherever you are in life makes navigating, not easier, but a possibility.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Things I've learned from exercising #1

I am a self  proclaimed all or nothing personality type.  This can be great when I'm all for something and pretty detrimental if I'm not.  I am either passionate and extremely involved or an uninterested sloth.
Developing an exercise program has shown me that things can work and feel fulfilling and enjoying without this mentality.  AT FIRST, it was definitely all or nothing.  I got a trainer and worked with them and did above and beyond what was a healthy level of activity.  Obviously this didn't work for too long.  Knowing that exercise is healthy, and knowing how good it can feel, I had to go back to the drawing board.
Not following through with an elaborate exercise routine I'd put together, felt pretty lousy at the end of the day.  Over time I realized that doing the best I could that day feels great and so much better than doing nothing at all!

Sunday, 13 January 2013


Today is day two of being more or less bed ridden.
 I think a huge driving force behind training, cross fit  and getting up early everyday to work out is aesthetics.  Maybe I weight that a little heavily.  Today, I am thankful that this pain is temporary and I'm grateful for what my body can do.
I'm grateful that this relatively minor injury has given me a new outlook and driving force behind training; to revel in what our bodies are capable of doing and achieving and not just the appearance.  It took being able to move well being taken away from me to really appreciate it.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Silver Lining

It's funny how things happen and can fall into place through unfortunate events.  I have had 'create a fitness blog,' on my to do list for over a year now.  I clearly have not prioritized it and continually transfer it to next week's to- do's.
What makes it that much more ironic is that what has made me sit down, or in this case lie down and finally put my fingers to the keyboard, beginning a blog on health and wellness is anything but 'healthy.'
Last night, for the fourth time I tried crossfit, I injured my back.  This is not to throw crossfit under the bus, but sloppy form and a weak lower back has left me with horrific, debilitating pain.
Being in pain, looking for a distraction and nothing else to do but finally prioritize blogging, I begin my journey into active living blogging!