Saturday, 12 January 2013

Silver Lining

It's funny how things happen and can fall into place through unfortunate events.  I have had 'create a fitness blog,' on my to do list for over a year now.  I clearly have not prioritized it and continually transfer it to next week's to- do's.
What makes it that much more ironic is that what has made me sit down, or in this case lie down and finally put my fingers to the keyboard, beginning a blog on health and wellness is anything but 'healthy.'
Last night, for the fourth time I tried crossfit, I injured my back.  This is not to throw crossfit under the bus, but sloppy form and a weak lower back has left me with horrific, debilitating pain.
Being in pain, looking for a distraction and nothing else to do but finally prioritize blogging, I begin my journey into active living blogging!

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